Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dragon Con Pics

Click Image to View on My Flickr Account. These are just the Tumbnails, a lil blurry, but the pictures aren't. :)
Indy Blackstar & a Ghost Hunter!
Haily and a Zach Galifianakis
These are not the doors youre looking for
 Blacklight Black*Star

Drago*Con Janitors
Zoot Suit TARDIS & Party BlackstarYahooooo!Silly Poses 2

Clockwork DroidBlackStar & HaileyWonderwomanHailey & CarebearEdward Scissor HandsBlackstar & MedusaSilly Poses 1Soul Jessica Rabbit Blackstar

Mal & Tardis
Stein Blackstar Spirit

BlackStar & AngMad Scientist Abby Horrible

Assasin Strike

25 BlackStar Tree 1

24 Blackstar Stein 2

The Wil Wheaton Photobomb 2011 Dragon*Con
23 Soul

Beckett & Castle

BlackStar Stein
Shunsui Kyōraku &  BlackStarBlackStar Tsubaki Kid

18 Maka and Soul

Soul EatersPhoto Shoot Halo

Cat Nun

HaloAriel Little Mirmaid

Space Marines and XenomorphFiona

Dalek and Doctor JrTough Choice for the lady

Pheonix Cyclops BeastFairy Tale Characters

BlackStar Soul Cyclops Pheonix

Air Shark

Sneaky Shot Gumby Texting

Ramona Tsubaki BlackStar Soul
Maka and BlackStarBlackStar and No 1 Fangirl

Blackstar Soul Blair

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